The Sun is Back

Wednesday July 21st 2021

It was cloudy and dull when I woke this morning followed shortly by more rain. I prepared myself for a repeat of yesterday’s dull and rainy conditions. Mother nature surprised me. By late morning the clouds were gone and the sun was shinning brightly. The temperature climbed into the low nineties. The humidity made it feel much warmer.

Sunny day on the side of Lake Pontchartrain.

It was a beautiful three walk day in the park. With each walk the standing water got lower, but it is still necessary to stay on the paved surfaces. Most people seem to be doing more driving than walking right now. Those drivers missed the deer I saw this evening.

An alligator on patrol.

Tomorrow is moving day. I’m have about two hundred miles to travel in a northerly direction. Hopefully the Gulf of Mexico won’t have as much influence on the weather. It will still be hot and humid, but the thunderstorms may be more predictable.

Sun setting as another thunderstorm moves in.

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