A Full Rainout Day

Tuesday July 20th 2021

Last night as I was going to sleep rain was falling on the roof of my RV home. It started very heavy then leveled out to at a moderate pace. According to the TV weather talkers it let up after a couple of hours. Around 7AM it resumed with a vengeance. The roar of falling rain on the roof woke me up. The good news is it was a good alarm clock so I could watch the Blue Origin rocket launch. The bad news is it continued steadily all morning. The sky brighten during the early afternoon, but another line of storms arrived around 4PM. The next lull is forecast to end around bedtime.

Flooded areas of the campground.

The TV weather talkers report that the storm dropped over 8 inches of rain on the town Fontaiunebleau State Park occupies. Based on the locations of the TV crews covering the story, the reports seem to be from the other side of town. This area got more than a few inches of rain, but I doubt it was 8 inches. The grass and woodland areas were already filled with water before last night. This morning it is deeper and the water is flowing over the roads in a few areas. My site is high and dry, but the site I was on last week is more than a little wet.

I managed to get two walks in during the breaks in the rain. My first walk was just as the rain was ending. I got a little damp from the last few drops or rain. My second walk was just before the late afternoon line of storms. I saw it approaching across Lake Pontchatrain and turned for home. The rain was just starting when I got to my RV home. I decided against testing my luck after supper.

The park staff seems to be concerned with the water levels. They were making more patrols of the park than normal and I saw one ranger stop to take pictures of the water level at a couple of the culverts under the road. Later a maintenance truck stopped and attempted to probe for debris needing to be cleared as the water passed under the road. I think the worst is over. The forecast calls for scattered showers the over the next thirty six hours or so.

Clouds over the lake this afternoon. The next storm was approaching from just out of the left of the frame.

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