Travel Day to Vicksburg MS

Thursday July 22nd 2021

I was up early, because it was a travel day. Breaking the pattern of many of the last few travel days, it was a nice clear day. The bright sunshine and the humidity made getting ready to travel a sweaty job. My plan was to get on the road around ten. I pulled out of the Fontainebleau State Park about 10:40AM. Most of the delay was at the dumping station. Its location and access isn’t the best.

Once I got on the road, the first order of business was filling the gas tank. Gas prices in Louisiana are thirty cents or more below the Florida prices at my last filling. Finding an accessible station wasn’t as easy. I finally settled on a station with slightly higher prices than was empty enough that I could get in and maneuver. I almost blocked the exit while I filled the tank.

The next issue was figuring out how to get to my destination in Vicksburg Mississippi. I hadn’t done my usual level of route planning. The interstate routes were easy, but following them all the way would add fifty miles or more to the days journey. My solution was to use my nemesis the GPS. It routed me on mostly US routes that turned out to be good roads. I need to look at a paper map to see where the GPS took me. The only issue was the turn into the campground. It wanted me to go another three hundred feet before turning right. One little U-turn and I was at my destination.

Site 107 at the River Town Rose Campground.

I’ll be at the Rivertown Rose Campground in Vicksburg MS for the next few days. My plan is to tour the historic Civil War Battlefield.

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