A Long Walk Day

Wednesday July 14th 2021

Today marked two days in a row that it didn’t rain. Instead it was mostly sunny with a high temperature around ninety. The expected humidity made it seem much warmer.

Clouds filling in as the afternoon progresses.

This was also the second day in a row that I was woken up by the sound of lawn mowers. I’m beginning to develop a real dislike for the sound of a lawn mower in a campground. Yesterday wasn’t bad. The sound of the mowers was in the distance until late in the morning when they arrived outside my rig. This morning was just annoying. The camp hosts, that live across the street, seem to be enamored with the lawn mowers. I noticed last week that that they seemed to have the mowers at their site more often than not. This morning shortly after seven they arrived at their site with two riding mowers. I think they had a race from the maintenance facility where the mowers are stored. They manicured the grass around their site, before parking the mowers presumably while they had breakfast. About an hour later they were off in tandem to mow more grass. A while later they were back at their site again. This pattern repeated until afternoon when they returned from the maintenance facility in their equally noisy gas utility vehicle.

The lawn mower noise caused a ripple to my days activities. I was up early, but fell asleep in front of the TV after breakfast. My morning walk was closer to an afternoon walk. The walk was also about double the duration of most of my walks. I took another walk into alligator marsh on the boardwalk and along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain in the other direction. Once again there were a lot of people enjoying the beach and water.

It was over two hours before I got back to my RV home. I don’t really notice the humidity while I’m on the hike. When I get back inside and sit down the sweating catches up with me. This afternoon there was a puddle on the floor where all the sweat dripped. A towel and dry clothes were in order before preparing a late afternoon lunch – early dinner.

On my evening walk I went looking for more deer. They were in hiding today, but I did see a raccoon. The little masked bandit was raiding one of the dumpsters. He climbed up the outside picked up the cover and was inside in quick order. From the sounds of things he was having a little more challenging time getting back out. I think he probably would have succeeded, but a concerned camper carefully opened the lid to give the raccoon a better route out. I didn’t hang around long enough to learn if he succeeded.

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