A Two Walk Day

Tuesday July 13th 2021

It was a no rain day. The sun was out most of the day driving the temperature to about 90 degrees. When you combine the temperature with the humidity it seemed a lot warmer. Despite the heat the reprieve from all the rain was welcome.

For my first walk of the day I took a different path to the day use area. I walked out to the main park road and stopped at the remnants of the old sugar mill. The park is on the site of Bernard de Marigny’s sugarcane plantation from the 1800s. This whole area of the north bank of Lake Pontchartrain was settled in support of de Marigny’s activities.

Two guys on paddle boards out on Lake Pontchartrain,

When I got to the day use area, the beach and splash pad were busy for a weekday morning. It seemed to be mostly mothers finding a way to keep their young kids cool and busy on a warm day. The lake is shallow and the bottom in this area is lined with soft sand which makes for a nice place to play in the water. The only down side, that people seem to ignore, are the signs warning about high bacteria levels.

My second walk of the day was after my evening meal. There were still many people at the beach area. A few families were gathered at picnic tables for an evening cookout meal. It is a little cooler and the animals were also out. Tonight I saw alligators, deer and an egret during my walk.

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