Moving Day

Thursday July 15th 2021

There was a higher chance of rain today than the last couple. As of the evening it hasn’t rained here. There have been thunderstorms in the area and a few dark clouds with a lot of rumbling nearby. The temperature reached the low nineties with the expected high level of humidity.

Site 103 in the South Campground at Fontainebleau State Park.

Today was a moving day, but not a travel day. My initial reservation at this state park concluded today. I booked this location without my usual level of research, so I only booked a week. The possibility of another tropical storm in the gulf added to my caution. This is a very nice campground with plenty of areas in the state park to explore. The Gulf of Mexico is also not breading any tropical systems at the moment. I decided early in the week to extend my stay here at Fontainebleau State Park for another week. The site I was on is not available over the weekend so I needed to change to another site for the second week.

Small alligator that still has its juvenile stripes.

This morning I got everything ready to move. It takes almost as long to prepare for a short move as a long travel day. I still have to load the bicycle on the car, but I don’t have to prepare the car to be towed. Inside I can leave a few things out, but most things still have to be stowed. Overall, I think it takes about a half an hour less to prepare for a move as opposed to traveling to a new location. That’s why under normal conditions, if I have to move to a new site I don’t extend my stay. This place is nice enough to make an exception. I may even go into New Orleans in the next week. I have been to the Crescent City a couple of times before, so the attraction value is slightly diminished by the difficulties of finding parking. This state park has a lot to offer on its own.

Adult surrounded by well camouflaged little ones.
Another young alligator.

My new site is in the older South Campground. In some ways the site is better than my last one. There isn’t any standing water on the site pad and it is in a quieter area of the park. The only negative is the proximity of the neighbors. The distance between sites is a little less. That will only matter during the busy weekend days.

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