A Day to Smell the Roses

Wednesday July 7th 2021

Today was a travel break day. I didn’t fully settle in here. I moving on tomorrow. It was a day to stop and smell the roses. I actually tried to smell the roses on a bush I found at the campground, but it wasn’t very odoriferous.

It didn’t rain more than a few sprinkles in this area. The area I escaped from yesterday wasn’t so lucky. The track of the tropical storm was more to the west side of the cone. The southwest corner of Georgia was in the rain shield ahead of the storm. The area along Interstate 75 near the Florida Georgia line where I was a couple of weeks ago was dead center on the storms track. Jacksonville, my home at the beginning of June, had heavy rain and winds along with a possible tornado. For once, I was in the right place today.

The holiday at the beginning of the week, traveling a day early and the transition to the central time zone have me in temporal confusion. It doesn’t really register that today is Wednesday. I want it to be Monday for some reason. The time change means that I can’t trust all of my time keeping devices. Some of them auto adjust to the change in time zone. Others I have changed and at least one takes a lot of effort to change that I haven’t put in yet. When you add in the one hour earlier start time for most TV programs on broadcast TV, I’m still adjusting.

Tomorrow I will continue west for about 200 miles. I’m going to stay in Louisiana for the next week. I’ll be at a state park near Lake Pontchartrain. It is a spur of the moment type of decision. New Orleans wasn’t on my radar as a place to travel this summer. I haven’t done the research around visiting the city. Walking around in a city during the hot and humid summer isn’t the smartest travel decision. I really don’t know if I’ll go into New Orleans or just enjoy other features of the area.

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