A Four State Travel Day

Thursday July 8th 2021

I was up early to prepare for a travel day. For a change, the weather cooperated by staying dry most of the day. I pulled out of the Milton KOA about 10 minutes after 10AM.

Today’s journey was primarily on Interstate 10. It involved driving in four states. Starting in Florida I completely cross the states of Alabama and Mississippi to get to Louisiana. The route passes to the north of Pensacola Florida and Biloxi Mississippi. The Interstate is far enough away from the city centers to keep traffic light, but I also pass through the center of downtown Mobile Alabama. Approaching Mobile from the east you pass along long causeways over marshes and open water. At the end of the causeway is a tunnel under parts of the city. Traffic slows down to a crawl in the tunnel before picking up in the urban area west.

Overall the 200 mile journey was uneventful. It didn’t rain and I didn’t pass through any major construction areas. The only surprise was the high number of law enforcement officers on the road. Most of them were engaged in issuing a citation as I passed, but a few passed me on the road as well. I wonder if there is an enforcement campaign in progress.

Site 78 at the Fontainebleau State Park in Louisiana.

I arrived at the Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville Louisiana just before 2PM. The park is located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, but the campsites are in the woods well back from the lake. So far, I have to take it on faith that it’s there. I’ll check it out during the week that I am here. The park isn’t very busy. There is a lot of standing water around from all the rain. My site isn’t the best. It looks like it may be in a big puddle at times. Since I’ve been here one small shower has passed through and it didn’t get to flooded.

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