Travel Day to Milton Florida

Tuesday July 6th 2021

Today was my day to run away from the path of Hurricane Elsa. Most likely I was safe where I was, but why take the chance. I left the Eastbank campground a day early to relocate 140 miles to the west. The tropical system is not forecast to have any impact in the area of my new location.

I was on the road just before noon eastern time. After five minutes on the road I was in the central time zone and gained an hour. The rain held off while I was packing and getting on the road, but my luck didn’t hold. I stopped for gas about thirty miles down the road. I had to circle the pumps several times before a pump that I could access was available. With each circle of the pumps a black cloud was getting closer and closer. While I was pumping gas, mother nature turned on the tap. It rained hard for the next half an hour. It was dry where I was standing at the pump, but when I went to get back in the motorhome I had to leave the cover of the roof. A little damp and $170 dollars poorer I continued on my trip west.

It didn’t take long to drive out of the first rain storm. The second storm arrived another twenty miles down the road. It was far worse than the first storm. Traffic slowed way down and many cars put on their four way flashers. A few drivers even pulled over into the breakdown lane, which is really more of a hazard in the very limited visibility. The storm lasted about twenty minutes of driving torture.

Site E-11 at the Milton Gulf Pines KOA.

I arrived at the Milton Gulf Pines KOA around 1:45 central time. A rain storm had passed through the area less than half an hour before I arrived. I had to hop across a rather large puddle to get to the office. The campground is nice, I’ve stayed here before and probably will again, but it really isn’t worth the high price they can demand. I’ll be here for two nights.

The rain held off while I got setup on my site. A couple of hours later a heavy rain shower arrived at the head of a line of storms. We get about a half an hour of quiet between the storms. I suspect the pattern may continue all night.

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