My Last Day at the Eastbank Campground

Monday July 5th 2021

The best word to describe today is rainy. It started around seven this morning and continued on and off until late in the afternoon. There were only a few brief periods of heavy rain, but rain was either falling or about to fall all day. The cloudy rainy conditions kept the temperature right around eighty.

This is my last full day here at the Eastbank campground. I moved up my departure by a day to get a little further away from the path of Tropical Storm Elsa. I’m moving west about a 150 miles to the Pensacola area for a couple of nights. During the breaks in the rain I got most of the outside travel prep tasks done. In the morning I’ll complete the inside tasks and get on the road.

While confined to the indoors during the rain showers, I worked on reviewing and cropping more of the pictures of last nights fireworks. I really enjoy the challenge of taking the pictures and the very “artsy” appearance of some of the results. Here is another selection from the Chattahoochee fireworks.

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