Fireworks Around Lake Seminole

Sunday July 4th 2021

Happy Fourth of July

Today’s weather was a little brighter than Saturday and it didn’t rain during the day. My mood is also improved from Saturday. I have recovered from installing the new batteries on Friday and I have a plan for approaching tropical system Elsa. It looks like the tropical storm will pass well to the east of here on Wednesday. I have decided to leave a day early and head west on Tuesday just to be safe.

The big event for the day was watching the fireworks around Lake Seminole tonight. There were three or four locations that were launching fireworks. By far the best and closest were from Chattahoochee Florida about a mile away. I had my camera mounted to my mono-pole to capture some of the shell bursts. I took more than two hundred pictures during the forty five minute show. Not all of them came out. It is a bit of a guessing game when to push the shutter button and keeping things still for two seconds isn’t that easy. I’ve included some of the interesting ones from the first part of the show. Tomorrow I will include a few more.

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