Thick Humid Weather

Saturday July 3rd 2021

I woke up to a gloomy humid day. The cloud layer was very close to ground level. It wasn’t fog, but the clouds must have been well under the thousand foot metric. Later in the day the cloud ceiling got higher, but the sun never made an appearance. A few brief showers fell during the afternoon to force a run for cover.

View of the low cloud cover during the morning hours across Lake Seminole.
Mid afternoon storm approaching.

My major accomplishment for the day was to bring my four used golf cart batteries back to the store for the “core” refund. I did a little touring of the area on my way to and from Tallahassee. This is a very rural hilly area. It is very different from the Florida peninsular area. Currently one of the most noteworthy features of the area is the large sections of forests with new trees trying to get started among downed older growth. This area was on the eastern side of category 5 hurricane Michael in October of 2018. There was a lot of tornadic activity in the area. The main area of impact from the storm is still to the west and south of here.

The campground is just about full for the weekend. There are lots of families camping in groups around the park. The noise level is not bad. It is just significantly higher than during the week. My new neighbor has a hound dog that tried to play rooster this morning. It was howling at the crack of dawn. The number of boats sitting on trailers around the park is also surprising. You are not allowed to park on the grass, so people have dropped their loaded boat trailers in many of the available parking spaces and even a couple of wide spots in the road. I don’t see any intent to launch the boats. They seem to have been brought along in case they need them.

There have been distant sounds of fireworks this evening. The town of Chattahoochee Florida has a display scheduled for tomorrow night. They should be visible from the side of Lake Seminole. Without getting my hopes too high, I’m looking forward to the possibility.

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