The Calm before the Weekend Rush

Wednesday June 30th 2021

The temperature didn’t get above the mid eighties today. An overcast mostly cloudy day was responsible. It was still very humid and uncomfortable when the breeze wasn’t blowing. The afternoon thunderstorms held off until 7PM Eastern time, but tonight’s storms were heavier than the last few days.

Today was a very slow day in the campground. The maintenance crew was back to finish the lawn mowing. They were focused on trimming today. The large expanses of grass look very nice. Many campers that have been here since before I arrived departed today. Around noon the campground looked very empty, but a few sites filled in as the evening approached. Talking with one of the camp hosts, today is the calm before the weekend rush. They expect a full campground over the weekend and are worried about potential bad behavior. I think that is less of an official concern and more fearful thinking on the hosts part.

Beautiful landscape grass in the campground.

I spent more time on the computer doing research today. I have reservations for November through February of 2022, but I’m not sure were I’m going when I leave here in a week. Lots of little issues keep me from making a commitment on direction and duration. Over the next few days I hope to resolve enough of the little issues to formalize a plan of travel for this summer. In the mean time I’m looking at the summer of 2022 already. Planning is such a love hate activity. General travel is fun, but specific travel is a pain in the …

Late this afternoon I got a notice that my Amazon delivery to the locker in Tallahassee is ready. Yesterday’s plan becomes tomorrow’s plan. I’ll be heading into the city tomorrow for errands and shopping.

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