Not According to Plan

Tuesday June 29th 2021

Nothing went according to plan today including the weather. The forecast called for a warm and sunny day with only a small window with thunderstorms in the afternoon. That window turned into several hours of light rain from around 4PM to almost sunset just before 9PM. The morning was very humid and the bright sunny allowed the temperature to reach the upper eighties before the rain brought it back into the seventies.

Today was mowing day in the campground. At this park, the maintenance staff is responsible for cutting the grass. Many parks, including Corp of Engineers parks, outsource the job. Here the maintenance staff arrived with lawn tractors in tow to cut the sizable tract of grass. My morning walk was cut short by the swarming mowers and blowing grass cuttings. Not only was it noisy, but it was a little dangerous dodging the fast moving riding mowers as well.

I took another more complete walk after the mowing crew departed. For some reason they suddenly loaded up their mowers onto the trailers and departed. They departed in mid row with large areas of the park unmowed. I don’t think it was the lunch hour or a set amount of time spent mowing. They probably had something else in the greater Lake Seminole area to attend to. Two or three hours after they departed, they were back to finish the job. At least I got one good complete walking circuit of the park before they came back.

My big plan for the day was a trip into Tallahassee. I need to do some shopping and pick up a package from Amazon. The package was do supposed to be at an Amazon locker, but it didn’t arrive on time. The tracking note said the locker was full. Since Tallahassee is about forty miles away, I don’t want to make more trips than necessary. Changing plans, I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully there will be room in the locker by then.

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