GPS Rant

Thursday July 1st 2021

It is hard to believe that half of 2021 has past. The second half of the year began with a day without rain. It got close, but the storms passed by to the south. Overall it was mostly cloudy day with high temperatures in the mid eighties. Of course, it was humid.

Storm moving into the area south of the campground this afternoon.

Today was my day to travel into Tallahassee. The Amazon locker I was looking for was located at the Whole Foods store in the city. I looked at the directions on Google Maps before I went and thought I knew how to find it. Somewhere along the way I missed a turn. It wasn’t long before I was in the center of the city along with lots of other traffic. To find the store I had to use Google Maps in GPS mode.

I think this is a member of a young family of coots.

I don’t like using a GPS, because they usually calculate the shortest route. That means they often don’t follow the most common route. Today I was directed to turn onto roads that looked more like driveways. When I didn’t follow its instructions, it found other interesting roads to route me over. In the end I was directed through a couple of very interesting residential neighborhoods with speed bumps ever few hundred yards. I came out onto the main road a block away from the Whole Foods from the opposite direction than I started from.

There is empty space in the campground before the big weekend.

Along with the other stops I made the 45 mile trip took over four hours. When I got back, the campground was still moderately empty before the weekend crowd arrived. The reservation tags on the site number posts indicate that a lot of people are arriving tomorrow. There have been some changes. The camp staff removed a few of the reservation tags during their check this morning. People may be reconsidering their stay because of the rainy forecast for the weekend.

Not much of a sunset tonight.

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