Settling in on the Banks of Lake Seminole

Thursday June 24th 2021

Thankfully today’s weather did not live up to the forecast. Last night the forecast called for rain all day. Instead we got a sunny very humid day with a few very brief showers. The temperature only reached the mid eighties, but the humidity made it seem much warmer.

After all the effort and stress of yesterday’s travel, I slept in this morning. This is the first day in a long time that I haven’t had highway noise to listen to overnight. Here it was just the insects in the trees serenading. I slept well and woke up near 10AM, but still managed to catch the end of the morning TV news programs. All of the TV stations are from locations in the central time zone. I am located right on the line between the eastern and central time zones. Across Lake Seminole is the central time zone. My cell phone even thinks I’m an hour behind.

I spent the day exploring the campground. Not a lot on land has changed since my last visit in September. Lake Seminole is much higher than it was during my last visit. The level is controlled by the Woodruff Dam which is visible from the campground. The park is about half full. The site markers have reservation tags that indicate the park will be close to full this weekend and probably the holiday weekend to follow.

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