Just Another Friday

Friday June 25th 2021

As I write this blog entry there are still a couple of hours to the day, but I think I can say “It didn’t rain today”. The humidity was down a little and the clouds were few and far between. Toward evening showers approached the area from the east, but dissipated before they got here. This is the first completely dry day in about a week. The temperature peaked in the high eighties.

I got caught up in chores around my RV home today. Even though none of the tasks was particularly complicated or lengthy in nature, they took up most of the day. I still managed to get in two walks in during the day and prepare a couple of meals. That’s one thing about living a solo life, if it has to be done, I’m the only one to do it. I’m not complaining, just explaining. I like it that way.

Most of my walks are around the campground. There are a couple of trails that are currently closed because of downed trees. I walk to the boat launch area at the northern end of the park along the park roads then return to via the camping loops to the picnic pavilion at the southern end of the park. My campsite is deep in the back of the “B” loop on the east side of the park away from Lake Seminole. The entire loop walk is probably over a mile and includes a hill with a decent incline. The views of the lake are the big attraction.

The campground isn’t as full for the weekend as I anticipated. The two camping loops near the water are mostly full, but my loop is mostly empty. There isn’t a lot of attractions at the campground for kids. There is no swimming and no real playground. There is a horseshoe pit and a volleyball net which make up more of an adult playground. Many of the people that are here for the weekend came with boats to fish in the lake.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Friday

  1. His looks like a nice campground for RVs. Did you ever have a site that you couldn’t get your rig onto? Too small or narrow? There was another campground in FL that I really like the looks of. On the west coast but I don’t remember exactly where. I think it to do with a river and there were a lot of nice walks.

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    • Campgrounds usually publish the size of a site in the reservation systems. They don’t want you in a too small site any more than you do. I’ve had some tricky sites over the years, but I can think of only once that I had to change sites. That was because I couldn’t get level without the front wheels more than a foot off the ground. The site on the Florida Gulf coast you’re probably remembering is Myakka River state park in Sarasota


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