Horrible Travel Day

Wednesday June 23rd 2021

Today was a travel day. A lot of things went wrong and part of the trip was in a downpour. It was a horrible travel day, but I’m safely setup in my home for the next two weeks at the East Bank Corp of Engineers Campground on Lake Seminole. It is located in Georgia just over the state line from Chattahoochee Florida.

The day began like a normal travel day. The weather was even cooperating. The sun was out, but it was also very humid. The first problem I ran into was an electrical issue. The devices on my dash board that get power from the house battery system were not working. This is related to the dead or almost dead house batteries that I haven’t replaced yet. It has been able to get enough power from the engine alternator, but not today. I tried to start the generator to provide another source of power without success. In hindsight I probably could have gotten the generator to start if I’d plugged the motorhome back into the campground power temporarily.

I resigned myself to traveling without the radio or rear view monitor and continued on with hooking up my Honda CRV for towing. It took two attempts to get everything right without the backup monitor and power to manually apply the towed car brakes. It was close to noon when I departed the Jennings KOA; almost an hour after the official checkout time.

The actual journey can be viewed in three parts. The first part was almost normal. The sun was out, traffic was light and I got used to the electrical issues. I listened to a podcast on my cell phone and used my mirrors more to watch the rear. The second part of the journey was really intense. About thirty miles east of Tallahassee the rain arrived and lasted all the way through the city on Interstate 10. Visibility was very poor. Lights on the cars in front disappeared after a hundred yards and if they didn’t have lights on it was even shorter. Speeds went down to 50mph and slower in some areas.

The third part of the journey was punctuated by an occasional brief shower, but visibility and conditions were much better. I got off the Interstate onto US 90 for the last thirty five miles. There were plenty of indicators that the heavy storm had already passed through the area. There were a lot puddles along the side of the roads and the trees showed signs of getting blown around a little. I hit one low hanging vine or tree branch going under a big tree at about thirty miles an hour. It sounded terrible, but I don’t see any indications of damage.

Site 48 at the East Bank Campground on Lake Seminole.

I arrived at the campground a little after 3PM. By four I was setup and staying dry inside as another rain storm passed through. It sounds like tomorrow will be another rainy day, before the pattern returns to a normal summer one. One or two storms late in the day is better than many storms at anytime during the day.

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