Yet Another Rainy Day

Sunday June 20th 2021

The rain arrived just before 5AM this morning. I knew it was coming, but the when and for how long remained a mystery. Up until that time, I had a few windows open for a nice cross breeze in my RV home. Once I heard the rain on the roof, I closed the windows and turned on the AC. Getting used to the AC cycling took another hour or so to get back to full sleep. The rain continued the rest of the morning. During the afternoon the clouds gradually thinned and the sun made an appearance before setting in the west. Scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast for anytime tomorrow, so it could be a nice day or it could be a repeat of today.

Blossom of the day with the cloud sky in the background.

The result of the wet weather was a very lazy day. I had an additional cup of coffee with breakfast while catching up on all the latest news and tabloid fodder from the internet. After the rain stopped I took another walk around the RV park pond for a little exercise. The duck with three or four chicks in tow hurried up to me as I approached. Clearly other people have been feeding them, but I just kept walking. The egret that frequents the pond area is nowhere near as people conditioned. As I got within forty feet it flew off to the other side of the pond.

Duck in the foreground is watching the ducklings in the water surrounded by tall grass.
Egret flew to the other side of the pond as I got close.

The RV park occupancy was a little more predictable today. Most of yesterday’s arrivals departed by the 11AM checkout time. This evenings guests started arriving around 2PM. There are more sites filled tonight than last night.

Egret on the other side of the pond a few minutes later, before it got spooked again.

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