More Obsessing about the Weather

Saturday June 19th 2021

Today’s weather was heavily influenced by Tropical Storm Claudette. The actual storm is a few hundred miles to the west and north of here, but the storm’s circulation is bringing tropical moisture in this direction. Most of the day was just cloud covered. At random times the wind would blow stronger or a few rain drops would fall. On the positive side there were also a couple of periods that the sun filtered through the clouds. Overall it was very humid with the temperature around ninety. Tomorrow is forecast to have a high chance of thunderstorms all day. What that actually means for the weather remains to be experienced.

Gazebo on an island in the RV Park’s pond.

I spent the day getting settled in at my new location. I got the car into touring mode by taking the bicycle and rack off and stowing the trailering hookups. That’s about a fifteen minute task. The rest of the day I wandered around the RV park and the little pond it surrounds. I was cautioned at check in that a small alligator had taken up residency in the pond. If it’s still around, I didn’t see it today. The duck residents made an appearance and a visiting Egret posed for pictures.

Yesterday when I checked in shortly after 1PM, there were several others checking in at the same time. RVs continued to arrive into the evening. I assumed most of them were here for the weekend. Once again, when it comes to guessing RV park occupancy, I was wrong. All but five RVs departed this morning. Continuing with my wrong assumptions about the park occupancy, I expected new arrivals to start showing up around 1PM. By the time the first new overnight visitor arrived at 4:30PM, I was convinced no one was coming. The park is almost as full tonight as it was last night.

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