Weather Obsessed

Monday June 21st 2021

The first full day of summer was more like a spring or fall day. The temperature was only in the low eighties, because the sun never made an appearance. The day started cloudy, but rapidly turned to rain as the morning progressed. A light to moderate rain fell until after 6PM. There was only about an hour during the afternoon that I had to close the windows. The TV weather talkers seem to be calling for a similar weather pattern for the next few days. There is a lot of moisture in the air that Tropical Storm Claudette stirred up as it passed through to the west over the weekend.

View of the rain out the window of my RV home.

Last year on the first day of summer I was in Winslow Arizona. The temperature was just under 100 degrees and I was complaining about the wind. In the last few days it has been over 100 degrees in that area. Reading my blog entries you’d think I was 100 percent obsessed with the weather. I’m probably only about fifty percent weather obsessed. That is too much, but is probably a result of the lifestyle. Living in an RV you always know if it is raining or blowing hard. The sounds on the roof and awnings are loud. Even a very light rain can be heard inside. Also, unless the blinds are closed the rain is in sight all the time. Getting outside my 200 plus square foot RV home is important for exercise, but not in the rain.

Lots of puddles this evening.

I spent the day reading, surfing the internet and watching TV. Tomorrow I’ll probably stock up on food before moving on Wednesday. My next stop is a much greater distance to the nearest Walmart.

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