Another Moving Day

Friday June 18th 2021

The day began and ended with lots of clouds in the sky. During the early afternoon the sun managed to make an appearance to heat up the very humid air into the nineties.

Today was another moving day, so I was up early. Most of the outside tasks were already done, but the few remaining ones left me dripping in sweat. I try to alternate between outside tasks and inside tasks to allow for periods to cool off. Things went smoothly this morning. The result was an early departure. If I didn’t add in a little TV watching time, I’d have been on the road by 9:30. With the delay I was out of the RV park by 10:20PM which is forty minutes ahead of checkout.

My travel began with a “short cut” on one of the Jacksonville Airport access roads. I checked out the route ahead of time to avoid the construction at the intersection of Interstate 95 and 295. It was successful, but probably not needed. The remainder of my journey was uneventful. I made one stop at a rest area to kill some time.

Site 40 at the Jennings KOA Holiday in Jennings Florida.

I arrived at my home for the next 5 nights at the Jennings KOA at 1PM. I was at the front of three RVs that all arrived within a minute or two of each other. The park is on the side of Interstate 75 in Florida near the Georgia line. I’ve exchanged the noise of Interstate 95 for the noise of Interstate 75, but it is much further away and there is no airport noise. I stayed here last September for the first time.

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