Last Day in the Jacksonville Area

Thursday June 17th 2021

The air was a little less humid today. As a result, there weren’t as many thunderstorms in the area. The temperature still got into the mid nineties.

This is my last full day in the Jacksonville area. I’m moving a little west tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am moving toward the path of the tropical system heading north out of the Gulf of Mexico. It sounds like I’m stopping well short of the path of the storm, but I thought I’d be a lot further north and inland by the time the first tropical storm reached landfall. Last fall I had three close encounters with two tropical systems. I don’t want a repeat experience this year.

Travel flexibility this summer is going to be a challenge. With all the new people in RVs, finding longer stays is a difficult. Weekends are often booked, even though the mid week has availability. When I booked here, this coming weekend wasn’t available in this site category, but I can’t say I understand this parks booking system. The site next to mine has been empty the whole time I’ve been here, but the online booking system says it is occupied. I’m moving on tomorrow for a five night stay before moving on for another two weeks that includes the Forth of July holiday weekend.

I made a final run to the local Walmart for groceries this afternoon. The store was moderately busy. I was able to move right along with my shopping until I arrived at the checkout. The lady in front of me in line had a rather unique approach to the whole checkout thing. She waited until the couple in front had completely finished checking out and departed before putting a single item on the moving counter. The checkout clerk was waiting for each item as she took it out of her basket. Since the belt was moving, I couldn’t put anything on the belt until she was finished or it would get into her stuff. Next she had to place every bagged item into her cart before searching for her money. It took forever, but the payoff was she forgot one bag. The checkout clerk had to run after her yelling and waving the bag. I guess that was my entertainment for the day.

The pictures in this blog entry are from my last walk around the RV park this afternoon.

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