Noisy Location

Wednesday June 16th 2021

Today’s weather pattern followed yesterday’s up to a point. The day began clear and sunny. In the early afternoon the clouds built in and it started to look like rain was approaching. Unlike yesterday the storms didn’t arrive in this area. The area south of Jacksonville got clobbered, but so far the north side of Jacksonville has remained dry. As the sun has even started to make another appearance before setting for the night. There is still a possibility of a line of showers moving through from the north around midnight.

As I wrote in this blog when I arrived here at Pecan Park RV resort there is a lot of noise. The park stretches for nearly a mile along the west side of Interstate 95. The older, northern section of the park is about a quarter mile west of the highway. A flea market separates the RV park from the on ramp to the interstate. The newer southern area of the park is right beside the Interstate eight tenths of a mile from the entrance. My site is one of the closest to the interstate. It is less than a football field to the southbound traffic, but there is a fence and berm that may do some noise abatement.

In addition to the highway the RV park is less than a mile from the end of the main runway for Jacksonville International Airport. The older northern section of the park is directly under the low flying aircraft. My location in the newer southern section is out of the direct flight path. The commercial aircraft arrive and depart in scheduling clusters throughout the day. The Florida Air National Guard take off and land when ever they want. The F-15s and F-22s the guard is flying are much louder than the commercial jets and seem to peal off the straight line flight path quicker. They have passed right over my campsite.

You get used to the noise during the day quickly. At night it can be more of a challenge. For the most part you get accustom to the sound of approaching vehicles and following the sound as it increases and decreases as it departs. In a strange way it helps put you to sleep. The gotcha is the aircraft. At night they sound the same as the vehicle traffic as they approach, but they don’t follow the same pattern. The noise gets louder and it doesn’t fade as fast, but still you get used to it. Last night, before I was asleep, I think the Air National Guard had a night sortie. That got everything vibrating in my RV home. I still plan to come back. A little noise won’t keep me away.

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