Adjusting to Changing Weather Patterns

Wednesday June 9th 2021

The temperature returned to the upper eighties today with a little more humidity than yesterday. The rain storms were scattered, but one lingered just to the west of my location. It only dropped a few sprinkles on my area.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten into a lazy pattern of behavior. Most days I don’t leave my RV home until noon or a little later. In the weather pattern around here that is the start of the worst part of the day. Showers threaten or move in every afternoon. I have to take advantage of the better part of the day and get out by 10AM at the latest. Today, it was after 1PM before I departed the park. The changing sky caused me to return to my RV home by 2:30. Once again I hadn’t closed all the windows.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, this RV park is filled with many families in temporary living situations. The occupants are gone during the day presumably to work. The kids are gone during the day too, even though school is out for the summer in this area. The park is empty of people most of the day. Late in the afternoon into the early evening everybody returns. In addition to the usual group of construction type workers, I’ve seen a couple of people in military uniforms and one woman in hospital scrubs, so there is a diverse group staying here.

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