Changing Feathers

Thursday June 10th 2021

The temperature climbed a few more degrees into the upper eighties today, but the humidity was a little lower. The wind pattern has switched from out of the southeast to more of a southwest origin. The result was the afternoon showers came later and from a different direction. This area only got a few random drops of rain. The real storms weren’t far away.

Little Blue Heron getting its adult feathers. The juveniles are white.

I spent most of the day working on chores and maintenance around my RV home. The most successful task was adding a little tape to my reflective sun shield for the front window. I needed the extra help keeping the sun’s warming glare out of the motorhome. The tape adds enough stiffness to allow the shade to stay between the blind and the glass without sagging.

My least successful chore was getting the laundry done. Each of the three times I checked all six machines were in use with at least one person waiting. I’ll either try earlier in the morning or try the other laundry facility in the RV park. I think that room has more machines.

Blossom of the day.

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