A Potpourri of Tasks Day

Tuesday June 8th 2021

It weather was just a little bit less humid today. The rain showers were more scattered and managed to avoid me. I had one close call while on the southwest side of Jacksonville this afternoon, but I managed to stay in the sunshine all day. The temperature was a few degrees higher than yesterday. It peaked in the upper eighties.

Bad weather building over the St. Johns River

Today was a potpourri of activities. The morning was dedicated to a few chores around the RV. I keep finding new places that the dust settles after a few days with open windows to allow the air to blow through. A few minutes of cleaning was necessary to rid the rig of some dirt.

Does this qualify as the blossom of the day?

The afternoon was occupied by a forty plus mile drive each way to my mail forwarding service. It is easier to pick up my mail directly when I’m in the general area. Finding campgrounds that will receive mail or post offices that deal with general delivery is a real challenge. The last two time I used general delivery I got lucky, but was informed by the clerks that I should have had it sent somewhere else.

When I got back to my RV home, I went back into planning mode. I booked two more reservations, so I have a place to stay until the end of the first week in July. The difficult to book Forth of July weekend is no longer hanging over my head. At the same time I’m booking forward into the summer, I’m working on booking backward from December into the fall. I have one more issue to resolve before I book November and the last half of October. Planning takes up more of my time than it should, but it is better than the alternative. Arriving at a campground and being told there is no room is the worst feeling. The scramble that follows is never fun.

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