Rain and not much else

Monday June 7th 2021

For the last week or so I’ve been lucky. The forecast rain and thunderstorms have been missing my location. Today, mother nature made up for it in a big way. The rain line was slow moving. It appeared to settle in right over top of my RV home.

The rain started shortly after the lunch hour. Initially it was light enough that not traffic noise on the interstate drown out the sound of the rain on the roof. The windshield of my RV home and the street were completely wet by the time I got around to closing all the windows and vents. Not long after I had everything buttoned up the volume of rain exploded. The sound on the roof was a steady roar. The early part of the storm was not accompanied by any thunder and lightening, but about an hour in to the rain it became a thunderstorm. The thunder and lightening were right overhead.

Blossom of the Day

The rainy conditions continued most of the afternoon and into the evening. The last hour or so of daylight has been mostly dry. A few drops of water continue to fall in the very humid air. I’ve been hiding out inside the RV with all the windows and vents closed and the AC blasting. The only positive point is the closed windows and the noise of the AC dull the sounds of the road noise from the interstate. My decision not to venture out on the roads was proven correct by reports of flooded roads and traffic problems on the evening news. I got in one walk around the campground right after my evening meal. I came back with damp hat and a few rain drop indicators on my shirt.

Tomorrow and the next few days are forecast to be dry and hot. The humidity is going down a few points, but not too far. This is summer in Florida after all.

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