Exploring Northern Jacksonville

Sunday June 6th 2021

The cloud cover and moderate southeast wind kept the high humidity from making the day uncomfortable. The temperature reached the mid to upper eighties, but as long as you were in the breeze it was comfortable outside.

Interstate 95 bridge over the Trout River.

I spent the morning slowly drinking my coffee and eating breakfast. Most of my attention during the meal was focused on catching up on recent blog and vlog entries. The internet is good here. Later in the day I ventured out of the RV park to explore the local area.

After driving around a few roads I was familiar with and a few that were new territory, I ended up at a small park and boat launch under the Interstate 95 bridge over the Trout River. Jacksonville is very much a river city. It occupies ground on both sides of the St. Johns River. The Trout River is a smaller tributary river that empties into the St. Johns near the downtown area. Interstate 95 crosses the Trout River a little ways up river from the confluence. The river is still near enough to the Atlantic Ocean to be subject to tidal conditions. Today while I was there the area near the boat launch was mostly mud except for a clearly defined channel from the ramp out to the middle of the river.

I spent an hour or so in the shade under the trees along the river bank. There was a lot of Canadian Geese calling cards on the ground. A few of the geese were hiding out under the I-95 bridge. Other birds like Herons and Egrets were looking for food out in the mud flats. For the most part the birds were staying away from the people in the park area.

Back at the RV park later in the afternoon I resumed my internet research for future places to stay. I’ve planned in the next few weeks but can’t lock it in until I make a phone call during business hours this week. I’m also considering returning to this park for the month of November. Longer stays are fairly economic at this park.

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