Egret Watching

Wednesday May 26th 2021

There were fewer clouds in the sky today and the breeze was lighter than yesterday. These differences resulted in a slightly warmer day. The temperature peaked in the low nineties. The good news is the humidity hasn’t gotten too high yet.

After breakfast this morning I drove back into Florida to the north side of Jacksonville. My mission was checking on a possible location to stay for the month of November this year. One of the parks I stayed at in 2016 has added a new section of RV sites that might serve as a good location to slow down for a month before starting my winter state park hoping.

I stopped at the Florida Welcome center on my way south. It was a shell of its prepandemic self. Last August it was still well stocked and busy. Today it seemed to be mostly empty with most people stopping just for the restrooms. I’m going to chock it up to the time of year and the time of day. I expect it will return to a busy state soon.

Returning to Georgia after a little wandering around the north part of Jacksonville I returned to downtown St. Mary’s. The Egret that I took a picture of yesterday and shared in yesterday’s blog entry, drew me back. I wanted to see if I find and enjoy watching any other big wading birds. I think I just found the same Egret, but I took several more pictures.

During the week this RV park serves mostly travelers. Its location on the side of Interstate 95 makes it very convenient. By ten this morning the front part of the park was practically empty. This afternoon it gradually started to fill. It doesn’t look like it will be as full tonight as the last two nights.

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