Along the St. Mary’s River

Thursday May 27th 2021

The climbing temperature trend continued today. There was a little more humidity and the wind continued to be missing. The temperature peaked in the low nineties. It was five or more degrees warmer than normal. Tomorrow is forecast warmer before the pattern turns over the weekend with some rain in the forecast.

I had planned to drive south into the Jacksonville area today. A report on the morning TV news changed my plans. Jacksonville is a city on the St. Johns River. It is dependent on bridges across the river to maintain traffic flow. The south bound bridge across the St. Johns river on the major 295 beltway was closed. A problem with one of the expansion joints was identified by the Highway Patrol during the morning rush hour. Traffic all around the city and well south into Clay and St. Johns counties was impacted as people tried to find alternative routes. The bridge wasn’t open to traffic until much later in the day.

Sago Palm (?) used for landscape at the Cumberland Island National Seashore Visitor Center.

Yesterday when I was taking pictures of the Egret along the St. Mary’s river, I was regretting not having the right camera. I needed something with a longer lens. Today I went back with my Canon Point and Shoot SX740 HS with a 40x optical zoom. I didn’t really need it. I took more panorama landscape pictures included in this blog entry.

The campground emptied out again this morning. Only a few non long term rigs remained. I’m guessing that some of the people that arrived today will be staying for the weekend. Somehow I don’t think people stopping for only a night would setup all the outside equipment that a few of the new arrivals completed. Hanging the American and Georgia State flag from your RV would also seem to be an indicator of a stay over the long weekend. I’ll be surprised in the morning by the turnover.

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