A Klutzy Kind of Day

Tuesday May 25th 2021

My plans for the day needed to be modified several times. It started with an unplanned early morning wake-up call or more accurately knock on the roof. I was awake enough at 6:30am to recognize a sudden noise as something hitting the roof of my RV home, but I still got up and dressed to investigate. In all likely hood it was one of several four inch pine cones that littered the ground around my RV. Getting back to sleep after my survey of my campsite was difficult. I finally got up shortly before ten.

Some of the four inch pinecones that surrounded my RV home this morning. One of them probably banged off my roof.

I also had a klutz condition today. Filling a cup with ice from the ice maker in the refrigerator I managed to spill the ice all over the floor. Dropping a cube or two is kind of normal, but finding and picking up a whole cup full was another story. On top of that event later in the day I compounded on the klutziness by spill a whole cup of ice and water. It missed all the electronics, but it was a pain to mop up.

Even some of my planned chores for the day didn’t go smoothly. The Fantastic Vent fan above the kitchen area of my RV needed to be cleaned. The combination of cooking exhaust and dust had accumulated on the screen. Getting it cleaned was a real chore. None of my sinks or other containers are big enough to let the screen soak. I had to use a combination of Fantastic sprayed on thick followed by boiling water and lots of brushing to get the screen clean. The bathroom vent screen was a piece of cake after that.

Egret watching the activity along the St. Mary’s River

Late in the afternoon I finally got back to doing some of my originally planned tasks. My first stop was along the St. Mary’s River in Historic downtown St. Mary’s. The tide was out so most of the boat traffic was well out in the river, but a few people were hauling their boats out at the boat ramp. The ferry boat to National Seashore on Cumberland Island brought a load of returning visitors back to the mainland. The dock near the Cumberland Island National Seashore Visitors center has been repaired for the ferry. It had been out of service for a couple of years since one of the hurricanes.

Two of the four Coast Guard boats at the boat ramp.

Just before I left the river front park near the boat ramp four Coast Guard boats returned. It was interesting watching the crews load the boats onto their trailers and depart. Each member of the four person crew has an assigned task. You could see the carefully choreographed procedure since each boat crew did things the same exact way. A couple of the boats crews had more difficulty than others. It was past a fairly low tide with the current starting to increase as the water level climbed. The current and the low water level increased the challenge.

On my way back to my RV home I stopped at Walmart for groceries and other items. The shelves were in need of restocking. I imagine in the morning the store is very busy. It is one of the primary shopping locations for the people living and working at the Submarine Base. The store wasn’t particularly busy at four in the afternoon and there were a lot of pallets of restock goods in the aisles.

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