Return to St. Mary’s Florida

Monday May 24th 2021

Today was a travel day to St. Mary’s Georgia. The Jacksonville North / St. Mary’s KOA is a park that I often stay at when I’m in the area. I was last here last August when I returned to Florida. It is a nice park that is near the St. Mary’s river and the ocean. There are many outdoor type things to do in the area.

The weather has turned hot. Late April and early May had above normal temperatures. The middle of the month was cooler than normal. The month is ending with a return to higher than normal temperatures. Today the high was just north of ninety and it is forecast to get warmer.

Packing up this morning I was unusually disorganized. I kept switching tasks before I completed the first one. This slowed everything down, because I had to go back over things to make sure I didn’t miss any important steps. There were also a few glitches in my travel preparations. For example, I had to get the pliers out to disconnect the water hose and it took a little bit of checking and reconnecting to get the lights on the towed car to work.

I pulled out of the RV park in Starke Florida around 1:30. My first stop was at the nearby SUNOCO gas station. I put in one $100 dollar credit card pass of gas at three dollars a gallon. This only brought my tank to a little over half full, but plenty for the seventy mile trip. Gas prices in Georgia are usually lower than the northern counties in Florida. When I arrived in Georgia I found gas twenty five cents cheaper. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I got through all the construction zones with minimal delay.

Site E-10 at the Jacksonville North / St. Mary’s KOA.

It was 1PM when I arrived at my destination. After checking in, I was escorted to my site for the next 9 nights. I took my time getting setup, because of the heat. I suspect I was the first of today’s arrivals. As the day went by the empty spaces in the park filled up around me.

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