Sports Watching Day

Sunday May 23rd 2021

The wind was down and the temperature was up today. It was a nice sunny Sunday with a high temperature in the mid to upper eighties.

Fluffy clouds and fluffy blossoms.

Most of my activity today was in front of the TV. I got caught up watching the NASCAR race from Austin TX and the PGA Golf tournament. The race was unusual. It was on a road course in the rain. At times you couldn’t see the cars through the water spray from the cars. Th drivers couldn’t see either. There were several interesting crashes caused by poor visibility and traction. Nobody was significantly hurt, but the cars were well mangled. They stopped the race before the total number of laps because of standing water on the track.

The golf tournament was interesting as well. I did a lot of channel surfing between the race and the golf. The out come was historic. Phil Mickelson became the oldest player to win the PGA championship. He is fifty years, eleven months and a few days. The excitement displayed by all the commentators made for dramatic television as Phil made a few less than ideal shots on his way to the finish.

This is my last full day in Starke FL. I’m moving seventy miles to the north tomorrow. I’ll be just across the line in Georgia until after the Memorial Day Holiday next week. I’ve completed some of my travel preparations, but have more to do in the morning.

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