A Turtle Day

Saturday May 22nd 2021

The sun was out in full brilliance again today. The east wind off the Atlantic still managed to keep the overall temperature in the low to mid eighties. The wind is forecast to weaken over the next few days and the temperature will climb into the nineties.

The turtles were out in force today. The bank of the retention pond was a popular place for the turtle population to take the sun. In one area an array of different size turtles lined the bank with a foot or two between them. In other areas a few single turtles had climbed out of the water but didn’t seem to have the confidence to climb the bank. Out in the water the little ducks were busy swimming along passing each other like they were in a race.

I spent some time today scoping out my escape route to my next location next week. I need to find a gas station with easy access and I haven’t traveled north from here since the bypass around the town was completed. The bypass and probably the pandemic have resulted in a least a two gas stations in town closing, but I think I’ve found a usable station. As for the highway going north, I may have some construction to deal with on Monday.

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