More Duck Watching

Friday May 21st 2021

It was mostly cloudy and threatening weather today. The temperature was fine in the low to mid eighties. Two or three times it got very dark and rained for a minute or more, but only got things damp not wet. It was an OK day.

It was lawn mowing day at the RV park. They got started around 9AM which is a much more acceptable time than many other places I’ve stayed. The noise and dust are still bad when you have open windows. I was tempted to shut the windows and turn on the AC, but as the summer heat approaches there will be plenty of time for that. The forecast for early next week calls for highs in the low nineties.

My day was a repeat of Thursday. I did a few chores around my RV home and caught up on my reading. On my walks about the RV park I watched the ducks in the retention pond. It’s interesting that some of little ducks are still staying with their parent while the others are all swimming around the pond and climbing the banks as a group. The large group of adolescent ducks don’t seem to have any adult duck supervision. It is a very different than the Canadian Geese I’ve watched other years. The geese stay with the family unit until they are full size birds. Both parents seem to maintain oversight all the time. These ducks remind me of a gang of juvenile delinquents.

All afternoon new guests arrived for the weekend at the RV park. The people that had left their RVs for the week returned. There is a little more activity in the park than earlier in the week.

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