Is it the Weekend Yet?

Thursday May 20th 2021

It was nice not to have to worry about an impending power shutdown when I woke up this morning. I could roll over and go back to sleep if I wanted. That thought gave the day a very weekend atmosphere. Today’s dominate weather feature was the wind. A steady moderate wind blew from the east all day. Some of the gusts were much stronger. It kept the temperature under the clear sunny sky in the low to mid eighties.

The day was a real mismatch of activities. I did a few chores, ran a few errands, drove and walked around the RV park. It doesn’t really seem like I accomplished anything, but the day moved along quickly. Sunset was at 8:18PM and it was still light outside well after. Somehow summertime daylight savings hours are in full force and I hadn’t really notice yet.

The first few nights this week the park had a lot of vacancies. Tonight the park is closer to full. It may be the weekenders arriving early or just people starting to move before the weekend. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights have been the slowest at the last few commercial campgrounds I’ve stay at. It is a minor mental exercise trying to figure out the occupancy patterns of the parks I stay at. Strange, but it keeps me entertained.

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