Duck Parade

Wednesday May 19th 2021

The electric update in the RV park continued this morning, but not as expected. Rather than turning the power off exactly at 8am, they waited until almost 8:45AM before shutting it down. It was back on around 9:30AM and off again around 10:30AM. Sometime after 11AM it came back on for good, but until the workers departed at 1PM I expected it to go off at any minute. The uncertainty made it worse in some ways than yesterday’s all day outage.

Today’s weather was more threatening than the previous few days. Bands of dark clouds started passing overhead in the late morning. The trend continued the rest of the day with a few light and brief showers. The current wind direction is bring in random storms off the Atlantic Ocean. All the weather really did was keep me close to my RV home most of the day. I kept busy with various chores around the rig.

While I was out walking around the campground I paused near the retention pond to visit with the turtles and ducks. The young ducks were on parade along the near bank of the pond. The adult ducks are around the bank of the pond, but for the most part the little ones seem to be on their own.

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