Lost Day

Tuesday May 18th 2021

Today was another nice May Florida day. It wasn’t too hot or humid. The mid eighties temperature with low to medium humidity was offset by a strong breeze. You couldn’t ask for a better day to spend without the comforts provided by electricity.

City of Starke Florida utility workers replacing the first transformer.

The city of Starke replaced two of the electric transformers in the RV Park. Tomorrow they finish the job. Promptly at 8am they shut the power down. It was turned on again around 5PM. About six guys in six trucks converged on the green ground based transformer cabinets. The first one took most of the morning and the second one the whole afternoon. I don’t think the crew was particularly happy about their task. There was a lot of yelling and I observed one guy take off his helmet and throw it on the ground while waving his arms and yelling. I think they have one more to do tomorrow, so the power shouldn’t be off as long.

The RV park didn’t do a very good job communicating about the outage. When I checked in last Thursday they didn’t mention it. Perhaps they were afraid of losing a customer or losing some income, but it would have been nice to know. I might have chosen to fill up my RV gasoline tank before setting up camp. My gas generator won’t run if my RV fuel tank is below a quarter tank. I had no options for electric power during the outage, particularly after my very week house batteries drained in about a half an hour. I really need to expedite a replacement.

I knew about the outage ahead of time from the notices I saw on the doors to various RV park buildings. They were posted before I took my first walk last Thursday. Many of the long term residents were caught by surprise by the outage. When they shut off the power this morning, I heard a lot of discussion about what was going on in the eerie quiet after the power went out.

Tomorrow I plan to take a drive or visit a park somewhere during the outage. I choose not to do that today, because I was waiting for a phone call between 12:45 and 2:45. It never came.

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