And Turtles Too

Monday May 17th 2021

The beautiful Florida May weather continues. The TV weather talkers call this low to mid eighties with fairly low humidity and not a lot of rain normal conditions for May in Florida. I can’t speak from personal experience. This is the latest date in May that I’ve been in the state. In 2019, my previous latest, I left the state for Baton Rouge Louisiana on May 17th.

I was out doing errands today. One was a stop at Walmart for a few groceries. I’m back in a pattern of more frequent stops for groceries than I’ve been doing for the past year during the pandemic. Today I put my mask to go in the store as per habit. Technically, as a fully vaccinated person I am no longer required to do so. Inside the store it was about fifty fifty masks vs. non masks. The one big difference was the push to get people vaccinated. There were little signs on the rows of groceries stating that the Walmart Pharmacy had COVID vaccine available for walk up vaccinations. The announcements on the PA system that used to mandate masks and social distancing were now ads for vaccinations. Something like: “Attention Walmart shoppers. The pharmacy has COVID vaccines available. Come and get your shot and you too can take off your mask.” I don’t know if they had any takers.

During one of my walks around the campground today, I noticed the pond that I labeled a Duck nursery is also a Turtle nursery. There were a number of small to medium size turtles along with the full size adults on the banks of the pond. They seemed to have staked out their own area on the bank. The duck families were in a different location.

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