Sunday Slumber

Sunday May 16th 2021

Today’s weather was a clone of Saturday. The high was in the upper seventies with a northeast wind. There were a few clouds in the sky to hide the sun from time to time, but it was an overall nice day.

Some of the duck’s neighbors.

I slept with the bedroom windows open last night. It kept the room at a nice sleeping temperature, but it also let all the outside noises filter in. This RV park is situated near the major north south railroad corridor in the state. Some very loud and long trains pass along the tracks. During the day the noise gets absorbed into all the other noises, but at night it is the dominant noise. There are many grade crossings to the north of the park that the requires the train to sound its whistle. To the south of the park there are only a couple of crossings. That makes it easy to figure out which direction the train is going. You just need to figure out how long before the rumble of the passing train you hear the whistles start blowing. These facts are the result of a lot of study last night. For some reason I started listening and waiting for each new train rather than rolling over and going to sleep. There were three or four over the course of a couple of hours.

As a result of my late night studies this became a slumber Sunday. I slept a little later in the morning and nodded off for an hour during the afternoon. To a certain extent, trains fascinate me. I’ll have to guard against a similar study session tonight or it will become habitual.

This campground never really got into weekend mode. The last few parks have gone from quiet mid week places to very active and noisy places on the weekend. This park did fill up more, but with less active people. There were fewer families and more couples to go with the long term residents. Many of the long term residents seem to be workers in the area for a few weeks or months. It was quiet during the day on Thursday and Friday of last week. I expect it will be similarly quiet this coming week.

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