Dodging Rain Drops

Thursday May 6th 2021

The operative action today was dodging rain drops. The forecast called for rain and thunderstorms during day. The TV weather talkers were really trying hard to sell the approaching rain, but they weren’t using the term severe. It was cloudy when I woke up this morning. Around 11AM the sound of rain on the roof arrived and I hurried to close windows and vents. There was a steady medium to heavy rain for about half an hour before it seemed to stop. It returned a few more times before everything dried up around 3PM. The sun made a brief appearance before sunset.

During the first lull in the rain I headed out for groceries. I managed to get to the Walmart in South St. Augustine without needing the windshield wipers. My first stop in Walmart was in the automotive section. The rain reminded me that I needed new wiper blades in addition to groceries. Shopping took longer than normal. I wasn’t very organized today. It seemed like I kept selecting products that needed something on the other side of the store to go with it. Checkout took a long time as well. The good news is I was inside long enough to avoid another big rain storm. It was only raining lightly as I pushed the cart of groceries back to my car.

My luck dodging the rain drops ended back at my RV home. While I was walking the fifteen feet of travel between the back of my car and the door of my RV to unload the groceries, the sky opened up with another shower. This on my have been the heaviest of the day. I got soaked. It is a good thing the temperature was in the seventies.

Late in the afternoon, I got in a walk around the campground. It is filling up for the weekend with lots of Florida tagged RVs. During the week there have been many out of state plates, but still no Canadian ones. I’ve seen exactly 3 Canadian plates in Florida this winter because of the boarder issues associated with the pandemic.

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