A Long Drive for a Simple Errand

Friday May 7th 2021

The weekend has finally arrived. I thought Thursday was Friday until near the end of the day when the wrong TV programs showed up on TV. This morning I was back to thinking it was Saturday until the regular weekday morning TV programs showed up. The TV must be my calendar. Whatever day it was, the weather was perfect. It was a bright sunny day with low humidity and a high temperature around eighty.

Today’s errand was getting the oil changed in my Honda CR-V. I like to use Valvoline Instant Oil change franchises or Jiffy Lube as a second choice. I had planned to get the oil changed in the Orlando area where there were plenty of both franchises, but didn’t get around to it. The count down percentage indicator on my dashboard came on while I was on the Space Coast. The options in that area were poor and in this immediate area they didn’t seem much better. This afternoon I drove 40 miles to the western suburbs of Jacksonville to the nearest Valvoline Instant Oil change. It’s worth it to go where I know what to expect and they have at least some of my vehicles history. In addition to the oil change I also had them change the serpentine belt. Ten years and 125 thousand miles put a few cracks in the old one. A broken belt is one of the last things I need.

Pond in the campground.

Traffic on the highways was heavy. Trying to avoid the traffic I came back on secondary highways. The substitute for traffic seemed to be school zones and school buses. It took longer to get back to my RV home and wasn’t much less intense. The Friday afternoon congestion continued into the RV park. There was a line of RVs checking in. Navigating to my campsite at the back of the pack was delayed by two new arrivals backing into their sites. The weekend is here.

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