Travel Recovery Day

Wednesday May 5th 2021

Today turned into a travel recovery day. I had some thoughts of getting started with a few of the errands I need to accomplish while in the area, but the heat and humidity met me head on this morning. The muggy conditions won. It was another record high temperature day in the area. The temperature peaked in the mid nineties about ten degrees above normal.

I managed to finish up the outside setup tasks that I didn’t do yesterday before it got over the top uncomfortable outside. I wasn’t drenched in sweat after completing them. The only other exercise today was a couple of walks around the campground. The first was around noon and the second was near sunset. Two thirds of the campground is in the shade of many tall old trees. Unfortunately, given today’s heat, my site is in the third that doesn’t have many trees. Based on two days of observation, the park tends to fill to near capacity every night, but looks empty shortly after the noon checkout.

The rest of my free time during the day was dedicated to planning. I need to commit to my next stop or two before the memorial day weekend. I’m leaning toward one stop, but I’m open to two stops if I can find a really nice place for a few days. Right now I know where I can reserve all eleven open days. Weekends are the problem. It is fairly easy to find Tuesday through Thursday availability.

I’m also working on June and July. The places I’m looking at don’t take online reservations which slows things down. Right now, I’m waiting for a couple of calls to be returned. Verizon cell service in this area isn’t the best, so I may have missed a return call. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I have never been of doing business over the phone. The business model that asks you to call and leave a message to be returned is unfriendly and filled with problems. When they don’t call back it is even worse.

Finally, while I’m in this planning mode, I’m considering spending the month of November at this RV park. I want to do a few longer stays to break up all the every two week moves I need to make during the winter to enjoy the Florida State Parks. This campground is in a good location with some nice sites and amenities. On the down side the cell service isn’t great and not all sites have a clear satellite view. The other down side is the good available sites are in the higher price tier. I’ll make up my mind before I leave here. There are other RV parks in northeast Florida.

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