A Travel Day from the Space Coast to the First Coast

Tuesday May 4th 2021

Today was a travel day from the Space Coast to the First Coast. Tonight I’m about ninety miles further north in the St. Augustine Florida area. For the first time in a long time it wasn’t a rainy travel day. I ended up just as wet. The humidity and ninety plus degree temperatures resulted in a sweaty mess. Today’s high temperature was about ten degrees above normal. Jacksonville tied the record high at 93 degrees.

I pulled out of the Titusville KOA a little before 11:30AM. My fist stop was for gas. When I arrived in Titusville on the 25th of April gas prices were on there way down. I chose not to fill the tank before I parked thinking the price would be lower on my departure day. The plan would have held if I left before the weekend. This morning I found gas prices more than twenty cents higher than Friday. When you add in the seven cents surcharge to use a credit card at the station I had easy access to, the price was more than thirty cents higher. I only put in about twenty five gallons. Once again I’m betting gas will be cheaper when I hit the road again on the thirteenth.

Site 118 at the Compass RV Resort in St. Augustine FL.

I arrived at the Compass RV resort in St. Augustine shortly after 1PM. The last time I was here was this past November. I’m in the newer Oasis section of the park with reasonable space between sites. The drive up Interstate 95 was uneventful. As usual the traffic got heavy around Daytona Beach, but I was able to maintain speed around 65 while other traffic moved by me well above the 70 mph speed limit.

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