Last Day on the Space Coast

Monday May 3rd 2021

The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean is the only thing keeping the local temperatures out of the nineties. Inland temperatures were in the low nineties. In this area the high temperature was in the upper eighties. The humidity still made it uncomfortable. The typical summer evening line of thunderstorms passed through west to east cooling things off a little.

I ran a few unsuccessful errands today. I stopped at Home Depot in search of a couple of screws to fix a hinge, but didn’t find anything better than what I have. The second objective was to find a place to get my car’s oil changed. There are none of the chains I usually use in the local area and I didn’t like the looks of the local versions I found. An oil change will be at the top of my list at my next stop.

For today’s recreation I stopped at one of the parks along RT 1 in Titusville. The Kennedy Point park has a boat ramp and picnic area that looks out on the Indian River. The massive Vehicle Assembly Building at the space center is visible on the far side of the river eight to ten miles away. Traffic in the river today was very light. I didn’t see any boats in motion or the dolphins that are occasionally visible. The breeze off the river in the shade of the tree cover helped deal with today’s heat.

This is my last full day on the Space Coast. I’m moving north to the St. Augustine area tomorrow. I got most of the outside tasks accomplished late this afternoon before the thunderstorms started. Tomorrow I’ll do the inside tasks and complete the outside tasks. I hope to be on the road shortly before the noon checkout.

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