Quiet Sunday

Sunday May 2nd 2021

As forecast a summer weather pattern has arrived. It was very humid today with a high temperature in the upper eighties. It was in the nineties inland. Some of the area experienced afternoon thunderstorms.

I was up early to make another reservation for next year in a Florida state park. There is less demand for sites in April so I was successful on my first attempt. My reservations for next winter are pretty much all set, but June through November of this year is a still a mystery. What that means is I’ll be staying at expensive campgrounds near the interstates rather than public campgrounds or resorts near attractions. I really need to start committing to my summer travel plans.

The campground is back to a comfortable decibel level. The weekenders are gone and the activity level has been dramatically reduced. Generally, I don’t get annoyed by the increased activity, but this weekend was particularly bad. In addition to all the kids running, playing and screaming at each other, the parents seem to be particularly exasperated. There were more parents yelling at their kids, their spouses and the world in general than I normally hear in a campground. One family a few sites down started yelling at the top of their lungs before they were even fully parked Friday night and never stopped before they departed this morning. The moon and stars must have been in a bad alignment, because their was a lot more bad behavior than I usually encounter.

The weather caught me off guard today. Even though I knew the forecast for thunderstorms this afternoon, I forgot to close the vents and windows in my RV home before going out for the afternoon. While I was on my way north to the Daytona Beach area I ran into lots of black clouds. I was soon surrounded by bad weather and in the middle of a rain storm. That’s when I remembered the open windows. I made a U turn and hurried home. My RV home was still in the bright sunshine. It never rained in the area around the campground.

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