Trying to Find Quiet on a Saturday

Saturday May 1st 2021

It is hard to believe it is May 1st. I’ve been in Florida, or in sight of the state line in Georgia, since the third week of August. I’ll be heading out of the state at the end of the month. The weather pattern is changing. The daily high temperatures next week are forecast in the nineties with a chance of afternoon thundershowers most days. It is the typical Florida summer weather pattern.

This campground is full of weekend family campers. The pool and playground are getting a work out late in the day into the evening. The middle of the day was quiet. Shortly after breakfast most of the families loaded up in their cars and went off for the day. I suspect they were off to the beach. When they got back in the afternoon everyone was in a bathing suit and headed straight for the pool. Does chlorinated water wash off salt water? I think they’ll still need a shower.

After enjoying a couple hours of quiet campground during the late morning I headed out for the day. My plan was to head up to the Daytona Beach area, but traffic had other ideas. After filling the car with gas, the road north toward Daytona Beach was filled with stopped traffic. I turned south instead. Eventually, I ended up back at Port Canaveral for more boat, pelican and people watching. On the way I stopped at two other county parks on the water. One park had a boat launch that was busier than a department store on Christmas Eve. There was a disorganized mess of cars with trailers trying to launch and retrieve boats from two narrow ramps. Some of the boats were bigger than you usually see being trailered. The boat trailers for a couple of the boats had three axles.

I didn’t see anything special in the port, but once again it was nice to sit in the gentle breeze and watch the activity. There many more people around the port on the weekend than during the week. I had to park much further away. All of the restaurants were open and doing a good business.

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