An Unseasonably Cool Florida Day

Friday April 2nd 2021

This has been a winter of weather extremes in Florida. More often than not the temperature was ten degrees above normal or ten degrees below normal. The daily high rarely hovered around the seasonal average temperature. Even though it is Spring the trend continues. It was fifty two degrees inside my RV home this morning. A very strong northeast wind helped keep the temperature cool all day. The high temperature for the day was in the low sixties. The normal high temperature in the Orlando area this time of year is around eighty. Tomorrow might be five degrees warmer than today.

I dressed warmly today and added an extra sweatshirt for my walks around the campground. There are a lot of family groups here for the weekend. Kids are riding bicycles and skateboards around the campground roads and others are playing in the roads. It is really important to drive with caution in the park this weekend. The concessionaire is busy renting kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles. The bottom line is this place is jumpimg with activity despite the cooler temperatures.

While I was out of the park today I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things. I decided it was time to get something more appropriate for a holiday meal. A hamburger for Easter dinner seems to go against my memories. I managed to find a slice of ham to heat and serve Sunday. Hopefully it will be worth the effort. The grocery side of the store was very busy with people preparing for the holiday meal.

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