A ‘Nothing Special’ Day

Thursday April 1st 2021

The day started out cloudy with the temperature in the seventies. The cold front arrived with breakfast. There wasn’t any rain in this area just lots of wind. It wasn’t long before the temperature started to drop. The clouds hung around most of the day. Around the supper hour the sun made an appearance long enough to create a pretty sunset. Tomorrow’s temperature is only forecast to make it into the sixties.

In addition to several walks around the park I took a drive around the area to see what has changed since my last visit. Since that visit was in December not much has changed. The most notable and most expected is the construction of several new homes in the new housing development across from the state park. The development across from the park entrance breaks up an extended stretch of open land and some orange groves. Development in the greater Orlando area is continuous and inevitable. I’m surprised it has stayed undeveloped for so many years.

Traffic is heavy as usual. There are more out of state cars on the road than I saw in December. The majority of the cars between mine and the door at the Target shopping center I stopped at were from states to the north. Surprisingly, as I got closer to the Disney theme park area traffic got lighter. The theme parks are only opened at reduced capacity, but reports indicated they have reached that capacity the last few days. It is still too early for me to spend money for an expensive ticket to see less than normal and risk getting sick.

I drove around for two or three hours enjoying refreshing my memories of the area without accomplishing anything. It is a good thing gas prices are going down. They are about five cents lower today than Sunday. Once I got back to my RV home, it was time to eat again before another walk around the park.

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